Be the change you want to see and show support by purchasing a T-Shirt in honor of George.

George Floyd was a peace activist and was highly respected throughout his hometown of Houston, TX. George Floyd was a pillar in his community and stood for what he believed in. He was far from his home in Houston when he was murdered in broad daylight by Minneapolis police. This unfortunate incident has sparked a flame burning through the injustices and racism WE as a community face everyday. We are inspired and will use our platform to spread change.

Please join us in demanding justice for George Floyd and those victimized by police brutality, racism, and discrimination. To spread this awareness, we are using our platform to showcase the importance of changing the world. We are committed to donating most of the proceeds to go towards the disbandment of social injustice, reforms, and help to further the inspirational movement we are seeing happen throughout the world

Stephen Jackson, Sr.